Second Home Summer Party at the Serpentine Pavilion

Spanish architects, SelgasCano, are helping to celebrate the Serpentine Gallery’s 15th year by designing this years Pavilion. We were lucky enough to see the wonderful structure for ourselves at the Second Home summer party.

As you walk through the organic, cocoon-like formation you become immersed in the enchanting, colourful and psychedelic qualities that fulfil the space. The metal frame used to build the Pavilion is wrapped in a variety of vibrant plastics that are reflective and transparent, creating an array of shapes through light, colour and shadows. We highly recommend going to explore the Pavilion for yourself, as the concept is based on visitor experience.

Thank you to Second Home, who threw a fantastic party with delicious food, free-flowing drinks and live sets from Apiento and The Very Best!

SelgasCano Serpentine PavilionSelgasCano Serpentine PavilionSelgasCano Serpentine Pavilion