The BBC is Evolving…

In order to adapt to the ever-changing music industry, the BBC has just announced that it will be launching its very own music streaming service. The ‘British Bold Creative’ report reveals how and why they plan to do so..

The 50,000 tracks broadcasted by the BBC every month will be made available to listen online for a limited period, accessible via playlists curated by the BBC. Their service will be the only ‘one in the market which would be fully open and integrated with other digital providers’; users will be able to ‘transfer playlists between digital music products’, such as Spotify and Apple.

Their aim is to benefit both audiences and artists, whilst remaining a ‘key catalyst for the UK music industry’.

David Joseph, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music UK has said,

Music is at the heart of the BBC, from their programmers and presenters through to their programming and live output, throughout their digital and broadcast arenas. I firmly believe the BBC respects and values music more than any other broadcaster in the world”.

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