5 Stars for Gumtree

Our latest work for Gumtree, ‘Piano’, has received 5 stars on David Reviews.

Here’s what Jason Stone had to say about it:

“This beautifully composed 30” commercial for Gumtree has a dad speculating about the chain of events he could trigger by buying a second-hand piano for his daughter. In his mind’s eye, the endless practice that follows her delight leads to fame, success and a bright future. He’s quickly brought back down to earth but his flight of fancy is really quite charming.

Dark Energy’s Arni Thor Jonsson has pulled off that extraordinary trick of cramming so much into thirty seconds (without it feeling rushed) that you can’t quite see how he’s done it. This is something we rarely see on this side of the Atlantic and it’s gratifying to know there are UK-based directors who can pull it off.

Once in a blue moon, it’s lovely to be able to heap praise on a commercial that fits the classic 30″ template!”

Watch it again here: