Panasonic’s Global Campaign is “True to Filmmaker’s Vision”

In Panasonic’s newest global campaign, creative agency, Brave, were given the task of illustrating through film how Panasonic works with Hollywood professionals to fine tune its televisions. The award-winning cinematographer, Vanja Černjul, was commissioned to create a visually arresting short film. We produced a moving piano and strings score to depict the story of lost love…

The campaign will run on broadcast across Europe, and also in select cinemas, with support from OOH, digital, print and in-store initiatives. Appropriately enough, there’s also a director’s commentary video with Vanja Černjul (Orange is the New Black, Marco Polo) about the possibilities and challenges of working with the HDR technology on the spot. 

Rob Butcher, Creative Head at Brave says:

“This project was complex from the start as we were trying to achieve a ‘mise en abîme’, where we were creating a film within a film. So, working with the right production partners was a huge part in being able to deliver the campaign. The techniques used to create these films are only just being devised and experimented with in Hollywood, so to see this being used to deliver a commercial campaign for Panasonic is potentially a world first”.