Born A Believer

We are delighted to finally share the trailer for Born A Believer, an upcoming documentary telling the story of Carney’s Community, who use boxing to help troubled youths.

Edited by Grey London’s head editor Matt Newman, the documentary is told through the eyes of five emotionally engaging ex-offenders. It not only gives an insight into the troubles of post-gang life but also highlights how vital Carney’s Community is in preventing ex-gang members slipping back into their old ways.

We’re very honoured to have scored this powerful doc by the brilliant Darius Norowzian. The original track ‘Born A Believer’ was composed for the film by Jonathan Goldstein and David William Hearn, with lyrics and vocals from UK rapper, Essa.

The documentary is the precursor to a follow up feature length film looking at the struggles of post-prison life of young lives in the UK that is currently in development. Stay tuned!