VR Park – Dubai

With 51 million annual visitors shopping at 50 football fields worth of stores, the United Arab Emirates’ Dubai Mall is the largest (by total area) and most visited shopping and entertainment centre in the world. Over 1,200 stores currently live in the massive facility, making it one of the most popular destinations in a city famous for its shopping and leisure culture.

The mall’s latest attraction is VR Park, a brand new 75,000 square foot entertainment centre that promises to pack some of the finest VR, AR and location-based immersive experiences currently available. The space offers multiplayer “shared escapism” through standard VR for PC, AR games, interactive installations, and even an indoor rollercoaster.

We were tasked with the job of creating a soundtrack for the whole space and were thrilled to become part of such an ambitious venture. Our cinematic theme spells out the letters E-M-A-A-R in musical notes (the name of the development company responsible for the entire project) – take a listen!