The Mastaba

83 year old Christo’s latest installation is currently floating in the Serpentine in the form of 7,506 custom made oil barrels, in the colours of blue, red and pink. As with the majority of Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s work, their incentive seemed to always tease their audience with a dialogue, but without ever revealing a definition.

This latest composition seems ever ambiguous, potentially a reference to western oil interest in the middle-east, perhaps a commentary on the ongoing migration crisis – or merely a giant floating trapezoid, for the sake of a giant floating trapezoid; Christo himself cites the fact the stacked circular objects created an angle of 60 degrees was a particularly gratifying stimulus, as opposed to the more uniform 45 degrees found in pyramids and other historically significant constructions.

With the third project since Jeanne-Claude’s passing in 2009, Christo continues to encourage a wider discussion of art in a frank and accessible fashion with little pretension, and without the need for often pompous justification of the fine art world.

The Mastaba will float on the Serpentine Lake from 18th June to 23rd September 2018.