‘If [Girlfriend Deluxe]’ Wins at Homespun Yarns

The annual screening of Homespun Yarns took place last week at the iconic Fabric nightclub.

Starting in 2014, this collaborative competition creates a platform which looks to launch the careers of new directors and editors. This year Homespun commissioned four story-tellers to explore the word ‘If’ as their starting point and the words infinite possibilities…

The winning film ‘If [Girlfriend Deluxe]’, written and directed by Steve Moss, is a dark comedy set in a post-apocalypse world. It tells the story of a middle-aged man purchasing a lifelike robot girlfriend – but it’s a process that’s not as smooth as he had hoped. We had the pleasure of creating the soundtrack, sourcing an eclectic mix of tracks to juxtapose the awkward nature of each scene.

Watch the film here!