VW’s Hyper Reality Test Drive

Framestore presented the VW Touareg Hyper Reality Test Drive, unveiled September 26th in Zhuhai, China. Building on its aptitude for groundbreaking experiential content, Framestore created the world’s first live VR test drive experience, with the soundtrack provided by Goldstein.

Seated as the passenger in the all-new Touareg on a real-life stunt track, and equipped with a bespoke customised Oculus VR headset, test drive guests are taken on an exhilarating high velocity chase through other-worldly lands, as the vehicle comes under extraterrestrial fire – with only its in-built technology smarts to help it.  The physical experience covers acreage akin to a football pitch; the script was mapped, and 4D elements plotted to create action highlights. Through a skilful marriage of the virtual and physical, the experience offers users an immersive encounter with the new Touareg: combining real test drive physics with a state-of-the art virtual view that delivers on both functionality and thrill.

By all accounts, a sensory extravaganza: being physically pushed and pulled with real life kinetics, subjected to real-time g-force, while being constantly titillated with razor sharp graphics and a perilous narrative. Senses of touch and sight are being cajoled to breaking point, the audio had to enhance this experience, without stealing the show; car manufacturer’s concentrate primarily on sight and touch – sound is secondary.