David Reviews Relaunches CraftWorks

Creative showcase David Reviews CraftWorks is being relaunched at a new venue and we’re pleased to be one of the new sponsors! The first show in the new series will take place at BAFTA on Piccadilly and there’s a cracking line-up, don’t miss it – the tickets are just £25 plus VAT.

Nils Leonard of Uncommon Studios will be alongside some of the other people who helped make the superb new ITV work highlighting their dedication to drama.

There will be a live version of Thinkbox’s excellent ongoing series which asks people within the ad industry to name three great ads they had nothing to do with.

Steve Moss (Publicis), the winner of the 2018 Homespun Yarns competition will show off his film and discuss it with some of the people who helped him make it.

Strictly Super Bowl. Anna Carpen, Sue Higgs and Vaughan Arnell will be offering pith and scores out of ten on some of the big ads from this year’s big sports event.

And Walter Campbell and Tom Carty – one of the greatest creative partnerships in the history of advertising. On stage. Together.

Buy tickets here!