With a diverse roster of composers and sound designers, we deliver musical solutions to an exceptionally high standard. Our principal activities are spread across three brands: GOLDSTEIN, DOLCE and ANVIL.


We offer award-winning creativity and technical expertise across all areas of music composition. We compose in every imaginable style for television and commercials, live events, broadcast design, interactive media and film.

Sound Branding

Our sound branding arm, ANVIL, synthesises the creativity and science of sound to achieve incredible results that have a positive impact on business, liberating brands from silence.

Case Studies

Asda – Send Your Heart

Asda is one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains, owned by the American corporation, Walmart.
Music brief
VCCP’s objective was to design and build a bespoke, heart-driven app that enables people to send their loved ones an original piece of music driven by their actual heartbeat. The musical brief was to create a romantic track that strikes a fine balance between emotive and schmaltzy.
Goldstein says
“There were no visuals, no v/o and no storyboard, simply an emotional concept and a strict instruction to make it known across a range of tempos, on every laptop and handheld device known to man.”
How did we do it?
The first challenge was choosing the right heartbeat that would speak well across all devices. This entailed the surreal process of auditioning heartbeat sounds, then performing some brutal EQing until it was bullet-proof across all mobile platforms and devices. As the phone measures the user’s heartbeat, the app selects the appropriate track at the corresponding BPM from a vast collection of pre-programmed variations from 40 to 200 BPM. The track was adapted at various stages so that it sounded natural across the whole tempo spectrum. The style of music chosen to lead the track, was a dreamy ambient vibe reminiscent of the ‘wall of vocals’ style epitomised by artists such as Godley & Creme and 10CC.
Andy Booth, Creative Director – VCCP Jonathan and the team at Goldstein have always produced the goods, from an award winning cover version for a big TV ad, to even tougher challenges like producing over 40 versions of an original track at dozens of BPMs for an innovative app. What’s more, they are always a pleasure to work with. And their work speaks for itself.
Agency VCCP Creative Director Andy Booth Digital Project Director Siobhan O’Sullivan Co-writers Henry Bennett and David William Hearn

Milan Expo 2015 – UAE Pavilion

The International Expo is a showcase that takes place every 5 years. It is a platform that allows participating countries to share ideas and find solutions to universal change, as well as rediscover old traditions. The theme for 2015 was ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’.
Music brief
The aim was to fill the space with a dynamic and immersive audio-visual experience. The musical brief was to combine traditional and modern sounds to create a hybrid score of Western and Middle Eastern influences on a grand, cinematic scale as well as interactive media.
Goldstein says…

“There was a lot of freedom creatively but the important thing always, is to achieve the right balance between the cultural identity of the subject and that of the audience. It’s a challenging process but a fascinating one. World Expos provide an extraordinary opportunity for creative and cultural fusions.”
How did we do it?
It was important to use broad brush strokes and as much colour and dynamic range as possible to make sure the music made a big impact. We created a striking fusion of Middle Eastern and Western styles borrowing from traditional Emirati themes where appropriate. The use of spatial sound was an important element too; the music was separated into dozens of individual stems which could be placed anywhere in the space to integrate with the multi-dimensional sound design. This meant composing with constant thought as to how the score would work physically, and re-mixing the final version on-site (often overnight to escape the backdrop of noisy stage builders!).
Peter Vine, Project Director – FQC Media It is always a pleasure and inspiring experience to work with Jonathan. His composition and execution of the music for the UAE pavilion at EXPO 2015 in Milan drew great praise from both the client team and the general public. I have no hesitation in recommending him for culturally sensitive projects such as this one.
Greg Hobden, Senior Producer –  Big Features We have been working with Jonathan for years and we keep coming back for the same reason… He always delivers – every time.
Media Production FQC Media & Big Features Project Director Peter Vine Producer Greg Hobden Creative Director Rob Butcher Director Stewart Sugg Architects Foster + Partners

Lexus – Swarm

Lexus is a luxury car brand where sophisticated design meets cutting edge technology.
Music brief
The aim was to create an orchestral score that reflects the choreographic motion and playfulness of the quadcopters.
Goldstein says
“To bring out the full character of the quadcopters’ gracefulness and cartoon-like gestures, we combined the worlds of MGM musicals and Tom and Jerry cartoons using the full forces of a symphonic orchestra.”
How did we do it?
Director, Sam Brown and Jonathan Goldstein decided they would highlight the exquisite detail and frenetic energy found within the different scenes and characters. A large orchestra was important as the overall sound and production values had to be high in order to reflect the brand ethos. We sent a signed copy to the Lexus CEO in Japan – they loved it so much they requested another.
David Jones, TV Producer – CHI & Partners Goldstein played a key part in bringing this ambitious project to life. We are extremely pleased with the overall result of Lexus. Jonathan’s imagination resulted in creating sound that captured the playful feel of the quadcoptors and the beauty of motion which exceeded our expectations.
Agency CHI & Partners Production Company Rogue Films Director Sam Brown Music Recording Angel Studios, London (55-piece orchestra)